Services For Individuals


elevate your life (12 week program)

Mary works with clients to bring clarity to their life through a collaborative exploration of positive psychology and mindfulness.

We will partner to explore strategies for increasing joy and engagement in your life as well as strategies for removing barriers to that engagement and joy. You will be inspired to maximize your potential by creating change and action to move toward your visions and goals.

Momentum Coaching (4 hour immersion program)

Momentum Coaching is a 1 month immersion program that consists of a four-hour session followed by three weekly one-hour sessions. You will be guided in a deep dive to gain laser-focused clarity about who you are and where you want to go.  You will be empowered to take the first steps toward lasting positive changes in your life. You will create an action plan to move towards your goals. 


Dream big and have fun by hosting a private vision board party with families, friends or colleagues.  During this three-hour interactive workshop, participants will create a vision for what matters most to them and importantly, how to take the critical first steps toward making those goal a reality!  You will leave with your personal vision board and a plan to turn your vision into reality! When we Dream together and support one another to achieve our goals, we change the world.