What I Do

The Clarity Framework

Some people achieve their goals and some people don’t. Why? Many of us don’t take the time to Dream Big and consciously create a clear vision of what we want for ourselves both personally and professionally. We tend to limit ourselves in what we believe we can have and achieve and we live our lives on auto pilot forgetting that we are in the driver's seat. We don’t have any directions set in our GPS and get lost in the chaos of life. Often times we don’t even know why our goals are important to us. On top of that we are not aware of what road blocks may lie ahead so we are not prepared to navigate them and Clear the Way when they arrive. We forget we have to Work Small and take one turn at a time to get us to our final destination. 

My Clarity framework provides clients with time, space and support to Dream Big and gain clarity about where they want to go. It supports them in gaining an understanding of what might get in the way and strategies to Clear the Way. Lastly clients design an action plan to Work Small to get them to their final destination.  

  1. Dream Big (Gain clarity in what you want to have, be and do and know your Why)

  2. Clear the way(gain clarity of internal and external barriers that might get in the way and how to overcome them)

  3. Work Small(gain clarity in the steps that you need to take to move toward your goals

Every service that I offer integrates The Clarity Framework.