Services For Organizations


elevate your life (12 week program)

Bring clarity to your life through a collaborative exploration of positive psychology and mindfulness.

We will partner to explore strategies for increasing joy and engagement in your life as well as strategies for removing barriers to that engagement and joy. You will be inspired to maximize your potential by creating change and action to move toward your visions and goals.

Momentum Coaching (4 week immersion program)

Momentum Coaching is a 4 week immersion program that consists of an initial four-hour session followed by three weekly one-hour sessions. You will be guided in a deep dive to gain laser-focused clarity about who you are and where you want to go.  You will be empowered to take the first steps toward lasting positive changes in your life. You will create an action plan to move towards your goals. 

Values Clarification Workshop

Improve organizational productivity, well-being and mission alignment by clarifying and living your organizational core values.

Individual core values are the root of who we are. They have a profound impact on almost everything we do! They help us to both stay true to ourselves during difficult times as well as influence what makes us happy and engaged. Does your organization have strong core values that are known to all?  Do you live your core values day to day? In this engaging workshop, I will help you uncover unique core values that will serve to guide your organization's forward growth and set you up to live your core values day to day. 

Customized packages unique to your organization's needs are available.


Dream Big and create the work and life you want in this dynamic workshop for your organization.

Inspire and motivate employees to dream big and bring clarity to their visions for work and life so they may become empowered to create positive change towards their goals. Employees will be provided with time, space and support to gain clarity about professional and personal goals as well as create a plan to move toward those goals.

 Customized workshop packages are available to  meet the needs of your organization.