Margalit G., Entrepreneur:

”Mary is an exceptionally insightful coach. She has this rare ability to listen, observe and provide feedback that is spot on.  In our coaching sessions, she continually surprises me with her insights about my thinking and ways I view my world. Through our coaching together, I have been able to attain the goals I set and feel increased joy in the process. She is truly a gifted coach.“

Meg M., Executive Director:

”Greener Partners worked with Red Willow Coaching over two sessions to create clarity and alignment around our values as a nonprofit organization. In the first session, we created personal vision boards which we then integrated into a single Greener Partners' Vision Board. In the second session, we drafted values statements derived from the powerful images in our Vision Board.  Mary is kind, present, and perceptive and she was exceptional in guiding us through the vision board and values-writing processes, and drawing out thoughtful insights from our team. The Core Values we identified with Mary now serve as the foundation of our work and align us as a team around why we do what we do.“

Jory S., Entrepreneur:

”Mary is a kind and compassionate listener and an intuitive coach.  She cares deeply about her clients and partners with them to help them fulfill their hopes and vision.  Her authenticity and creativity brings a gentle touch and a great sense of humor to every coaching session.“

Michelle H., Returning to the workplace:

”Mary brings a broad knowledge of the world and understands the best approach in helping her diverse client base.  Her natural, kind character along with her own personal and professional experiences enable her to quickly relate to people and their own individual circumstances.  She has the supreme ability to keep her clients on task with her positive energy and genuine interest in making the world a more peaceful, happier and productive place.”

Elizabeth B., Teacher:

“Mary brings an air of peace and warmth to all who surround her. She truly cares and listens with her heart and her mind. She has the ability to give life to the here and now like few can, and by doing so creates an atmosphere of non-judgement and acceptance. This presence, allows for great growth and introspection. When I walk away after my time with Mary, I always have something to think about, a new path to contemplate.”